The new Sfera Ebbasta album: exclusive contents and a tour to wait for

Sfera Ebbasta releases “ Famoso ” with Island Records label : thirteen new songs with seven feat. international, is perhaps the most international project that Italian music has ever carried out. Under the artistic direction of Charlie Charles , the album brings together all the facets of Sfera Ebbasta. There are pieces that tell the story of anger, hunger, the desire for emancipation, but also reflective pieces and songs born to be hits in a world context.

From November 20 the first single extracted is in rotation on radio and available on all digital platforms: Sfera Ebbasta sings “ Baby ” alongside J Balvin . An artistic partnership between Italy, Colombia and the whole Latin world, the first step to bring today’s Italian music to the world.

“ Famoso ” is available in physical version and in all digital stores. In collaboration with Spotify Italia , Famoso will be available for the first time in Italy as an enhanced album: fans will be able to have a unique listening experience, thanks to exclusive contents such as a welcome video of the artist , storylines , card of each song in which Sfera tells the birth of each song and much more. Waiting for the national tour that will start in September 2021 and will touch Rimini, Milan, Bologna, Turin, Fienze, Rome and Eboli.

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