Angry robbers burn Taxi after driver escaped

A gang of angry robbers, perhaps out of anger, have set a taxi on fire, after failing to rob the driver of the cab.

The hoodlums had blocked the road, ostensibly, to rob the innocent driver of his money and other valuables and take the car away as well.

But sensing danger, the driver, who acted smart, left the car in the middle of the road and fled the scene on foot.

This action of the driver, perhaps, angered the robbers, who out of frustration, set the cab on fire.

The incident happened on the Kwamang to Boamang road in the Affigya Kwabre North District on July 2, 2021.

A police document which only identified the driver as Yaw, noted that police were on the heels of the hoodlums.

It said Yaw, a resident of UGC-Breman, on the day of the incident, was in charge of Toyota taxi, registered GR 1088-T.

Yaw reported to the police around 3:15am that he was on his way to Boamang in the Affigya Kwabre North District and on reaching Kwaman Cemetery four armed men had blocked the road with woods.

“He abandoned the taxi and went into hiding in the bush. When he returned to the scene, he detected that the said armed men had set the vehicle ablaze,” the police stated.

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