Amansie South; District Chief Executive Cuts Sod For Developmental Projects To Completed In 2022

The District Chief Executive for Amansie South District, Hon Clement Opoku Gyamfi has cuts sod to the commencement of works of construction of developmental projects includes;

The construction of lockable stores and lorry park at Datano.

Construction of 1No.2 unit K.G block with office,stores and 2 seater Aqua-privy toilet facility at Men-Dome.

Construction of palm oil extraction facility at Mem.

Construction of vocational training center for People with Disabilities in the District.

Construction of 20-seater toilet facility at Manso kwabenaso.

Speaking at the sod cutting ceremony, Hon Clement Opoku Gyamfi said that,this lorry park project will requires the drivers to stop at defined time intervals whilst traffic congestion can be impossible to reach planned stopping point within allowed driving times at Datano and its environs.

Also, The lorry park will be the safest place to park when away from home this larger lorry park may have a vehicle wash,fuelling facility and provide food and wash facilities for drivers.

Hon DCE furthered that, lorry park helps to bring infrastructures to the community and the assembly as well. It will provide operators need, security fuel and basic services and cost.

In addition, lockable stores will helps the cost of storing businesses stock and equipments in the store rapidly growing.

The storage units will be protected by lock and key. The stores will also be monitored by CCTV cameras. The construction of lockable stores and lorry park project will be completed in six-months time and the contract has being taken over by Kofi ACHEAMPONG 79 ENTERPRISE.

Another project is the construction of 1No.2units KG block with office, stores and 2-seater Aqua-privy toilet facility at Men-Dome. Since its the government priority to educate every child. This K.G block will encourage the kids to study hard for a brighter future.

At the sod cutting ceremony, The DCE noted that the name of the contractor is ALL BLESSED CO.LTD.

And it’s also must be completed in six months time.

He proceeded to cut another sod for the construction of palm oil extraction at Mem and explained that, palm oil extraction facility would empower women in Manso Mem and the whole Amansie South District as well as engaging them to gain economic power.

And it will also alleviate poverty from his people to zero hunger as SDGs goal (2) talks about zero hunger by 2030. This palm oil extraction project will also create more jobs for the youth in Amansie south District.

Palm oil extraction facility project has being undertaken by the OBELINE COMPANY CO.LTD. And it must completed at a given time.

The Amansie South District Chief Executive led by Hon Clement Opoku Gyamfi cut sod again for the construction of vocational training center for People with Disabilities (PWDs) at Manso Kaniago, Actually this project will exposed their real talents. In most cases, physically challenged people begs people for food, so this project will help them to earn income to cater for themselves to alleviate begging from them and they may be able contribute their quota to economic development growth.

Vocational training project has being given to TRINITY ALIVE PACESETTERS CO.LTD. And it also must completed at appropriate given time.

The last sod cutting which took 3days at the District ends at Manso kwabenaso that is the construction of 20-seater toilet facility. Residents of kwabenaso electoral area have bitterly cried about lack of toilet facility and their problem has finally solved.

And this project has been undertaken by the HABASH CO.LTD.

According to the representative of President Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo at Amansie south District, The young and energetic DCE in Ghana. Hon Clement Opoku Gyamfi disclosed emphatically that, all the projects will be completed by the year 2022 and they’re funded by the Assembly through the government performance appraisal in every Districts and Municipalities.

He takes this opportunity to entreated people whose houses and stores have been affected by the demolition exercise have to take heart and they will definitely be compensated.

Since this year has been declared as the year of roads.Npp government have determined to construct all the deplorable roads across the country Amansie South precisely. He added.

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