Tijaniya leader in USA leds Jum’mah prayers infront of White-House

The leader of the Tijaniya Muslim sect in the United State of America, Sheikh Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar has led about a thousand Muslims in prayers infront of the White-House.

The Swalaatul Jum’mah prayers led by the spiritual leader is considered as a memorable one in the history of America.

Worshippers from both political divide, members of the Senate, civil society groups, civil servants, and other members of the State joined and participated fully in the Jum’mah prayers.

Maximum security personnel were stationed at the prayer ground to help protect lives and properties throughout the session. It was held on the eve of the 20th Anniversary of the Million man March Hosted by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Others.

Despite the threat of rain and occasional drizzling during a powerful sermon ((Khuthah) delivered by Imam Abdul Malik Muhammad, the worshippers stay committed to their prayer mat.

Imam Abdul Malik whose sermon was under the theme; “Justice or Else” called for togetherness and sense of love between Muslims and other religious faith.

He further appealed for unity among Muslims in the United States for peaceful coexistence.

However, the Jum’mah prayers was directed to the International Ambassador of the Nation of Islam, Imam Akbar Muhammad.

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