Police arrest two persons over chieftaincy clash at Prampram

Police have detained two persons over the chieftaincy clash that led to the death of one person at Prampram.

“Two suspects have since been detained at the Devtraco Police station and are assisting the investigations,” a statement from the police said.

The Prampram Divisional Police in Accra has launched investigations into the chieftaincy clash.

The incident led to the death of one Nene Aryeh Ootusekrom while two others, Tawiah Nyumu and Nene Tettey Kwadzo were injured as a result of the clash.

“The Prampram Divisional Police have commenced an investigation into a shooting incident that led to the death of one Nene Aryeh Otusekrom and injuring two others, Tawiah Nyumu and Nene Tettey Kwadzo at a shrine at Prampan this morning, Tuesday, October 26,” police added in the statement.

Per the police’s preliminary investigations, the heads of some families in Prampram had gone to the Lalue Shrine in the area when they were attacked by unknown gunmen, resulting in the casualty and injuries.

Crime Scene Management team members have examined the scene for evidential materials for the investigation process.

In the meantime, the deceased has been taken to the Tema General Hospital for preservation and autopsy.

The injured are also receiving medical attention at the same hospital.

Issues of chieftaincy dispute keep reoccurring in some parts of the country.

In some of these cases, residents are left with no other option than to flee the affected communities.

Usually, these disputes are protracted fights, lingering for years and triggering violence at the least provocation.

The various regional security councils have resorted to placing curfews on the communities in order to maintain law and order and protect the safety of residents.

Kingmakers must adopt chieftaincy succession plan to avert disputes – Weija Asafoatse

The Asafoatse of Weija, who doubles as the Ngleshie Lafaa Mantse under the Ngleshie Alata Traditional Council, Nii Ayi Okufuobour I, has been advocating for a clear chieftaincy succession plan by kingmakers of the Ga state as a way of preventing needless disputes.

According to the Asafoatse, greed is a major contributory factor to the various disputes in the Ga state.

“Money has taken over chieftaincy issues in the Ga state, and this is a worrying trend. But what I know is that before you become chief in the Ga state you must come from one of the gates, but that is not what we are seeing. Money has taken over everything,” Nii Ayi Okufuobour I told Citi News at a ceremony to commemorate this year’s Homowo celebration.

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