Tamale: Residents break doors, windows of Dini-Watahazim Primary School to smoke wee

Dini-Watahazim Primary School, situated at Nima-Fong in Tamale of the Northern Region is at its merciful stage.

Per observation when this reporter visited the school, the lives of both teachers and pupils studying in the facility are in danger.

Concrete pillars holding the facility is gradually chopping off, doors and windows broken beyond repairs, with the floor developing cracks.

In an interview with Mr. Hamza Adam, a teacher who doubles as the PTA Chairman of the school said the structure is outmoded and therefore need urgent attention.

1112202191432-0f72ylkxwr-screenshot 20211112-110656 2

He revealed that ‘wee smokers’ have compounded the already age-long problem of the school by breaking into the classrooms to smoke on a daily basis when teaching and learning is not in session.

“When we just close from school, within 30 minutes the wee smokers will come here and start smoking, when we want to talk they will say they are also here to take their classes, so they will then break the doors and windows and get inside, after that they will shit in the classrooms,” he laments.

These according to him, the pupils occasionally wash the classrooms before teaching and learning will begin.

1112202191432-l5gsk8v331-screenshot 20211112-110707 2

Mr. Hamza said the issue has been reported to the chief and the Assemblyman of the area, but nothing fruitful had come out of it.

He bemoaned that few of the pupils stay back after classes to join the ‘wee smokers’, adding that those pupils now rob shoulders with teachers during classes.

He used the opportunity to call on the authority to give the school a phase lift to save the building from collapsing on them.

1112202191434-ptkwn0y442-screenshot 20211112-110732 2

He further appealed to the Ghana Police Service to help the school management to curb the invasion of the ‘wee smokers’ in the classrooms.

Some pupils of the school also appealed for chairs, tables and the immediate renovation of the facility to save their lives.

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