Is this proof that Shatta is not scared of Nigerians?

Dancehall sensation, Charles Nii Armah Mensah, popularly known in the showbiz industry as Shatta Wale, is about to prove that he is really not scared to enter Nigeria after throwing so many tantrums at them.

Following his long dragged beef with Nigeria in which he threw and reciprocated shots with Nigerian artistes, all rooting from his argument that they do not support Ghanaian music as much as Ghanaians support theirs, one would’ve believed Shatta would never dream of stepping foot in the sister country.

However, the musician has decided, together with rapper, Medikal, to add Nigeria to the list of countries that they will be touring as part of their DTB world tour. Confirming this on his Twitter page, Medikal made a post saying, “Just got a call from 1 Don, Nigeria has been added to the list of the DTB world tour @shattawalegh”.

Fans can only hope and pray that the heated squabble between the rapper and Nigerians stays verbal as in was, and that he has not been targeted by any pained citizens or fans of any artiste he specifically came at.

The ‘Deeper Than Blood’ world tour is one of the inspirations that the two artistes got from spending time together in the Ankaful Prisons late last year. It seems the artistes figured out during that time how they have a lot in common and they formed the Deeper Than Blood clique.

Out of the Deeper Than Blood clique came the Freedom Wave concert in December last year where Medikal and Shatta amassed and blew the minds of a huge crowd, making it one of the biggest events Ghana saw last year.

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