My wife accused me of using her for occult’ — Brother Sammy reveals why he doesn’t have sex with his wife

Self-acclaimed nation’s worshipper Brother Sammy has shared a thought-provoking revelation about his marital life which led him to stop having sex with his wife.

According to him, the decision came up after she had accused him of trying to use her for some occult sacrifices.

The singer narrated that his wife had come to Ghana to visit when she had an ectopic pregnancy.

He was told that the problem needed some surgery so her life could be spared which he agreed to.

“My wife came from abroad. When she came, she got pregnant. So I was out of the house when my charge said she screamed. So they drove her to the hospital. The doctor said that if they had delayed, she would have died because the foetus did not drop into the womb.

“It was still lodged inside the fallopian tube. So it’s ectopic. So he had to cut it out. So I consented to the operation if that would make her better,” he narrated during an in-studio discussion UTV’s United Showbiz last Saturday.

He further narrated that his wife afterward had started accusing him of trying to use her to satisfy his occultic demands.

Outrightly, Brother Sammy stated that he knew someone was talking to his wife and he suspected that it was one of the people he had employed to take care of her.

He was certain about this because he had come to Accra for a show and that was when his wife called him with all the accusations.

“I asked for permission to perform at a show in Accra. And she granted it. So I left. When I got to the program, I called her to check on her and how they are managing at home. She started accusing me, ‘Why did you do that? You tried using me in the occult. You are sacrificing me for blood money.’

“Apparently, one of the boys, whom I’ve given a place to sleep and something to eat, told my wife that I brought another woman home whilst she was in the hospital. Meanwhile, this person saying these things was sleeping in the hospital with my wife. He wasn’t even home with me,” he said.

Brother Sammy however stated that he had taken a decision to abstain from all sexual encounter with his wife so not to endanger her life.

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