U/E: ‘Stop wearing one attire at home, to market, chase women, drink pito and the same to work’ — Minister advise workers

The Upper East Regional Minister Stephen Yakubu has advised workers in the north especially local government workers in the Upper East Region to improve their way of dressing to work.

He advised them to desist from dressing shabbily to work.

Mr. Yakubu said: “As northerners, we do things as if the whole world is against us. As if poverty was born and brought right into this part of the country. So, when you are working, you should have cloth that you use to go to work with. Most people just wear the same thing to the market, wear the same thing to the office, wear the same thing to sleep, wear the same thing to chase women, wear the same thing to drink pito.”

The Regional Minister said this during his tour to inspect government projects in Binduri and Bongo districts on Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

He urged workers to neatly dress and change clothes everyday to work.


“You need to have…..when you are going to work, let everyone know you are going to work, is important. Don’t think that the degree you have is different from the degree someone has in Accra.

“And in fact, when you look at it, you will see that, you are rather saving more money than someone living in Adenta working right inside Accra. Because in the morning he leaves around 5am, taking the same salary as yours and he has to go all the way to work and come back, get home around 9-10pm and the following day he is going. But here, with your motorbike 5minutes you are at home and you spend less but you are looking as if your pay is so scanty. So, we need to change.”

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