N/R: SHS likely to shutdown over food shortage

Authorities of Senior High Schools in the Northern region have indicated that they will be forced to close down should they exhaust the available food in their stores.

This follows the shortage of food items at the various Senior High Schools across the country.

Schools in the Northern region are facing a food shortage crisis that has compelled school authorities to serve students breakfast without bread and sugar.

In some instances, students who live in the Tamale metropolis are compelled to go home and eat and then report back to school.

Some students who spoke to DGN Online said they sometimes buy extra food because the food served them is not enough.

A Headmaster of one of the Senior High Schools in the region who spoke to journalists on condition of anonymity said the food crisis has greatly affected teaching and learning in the school.

According to him, the food supply government promised has not arrived yet in the region, and they do not know how long they can hold on.

“ As of today, no school head has told me they have received any supply yet. Anytime we talk people don’t take us seriously the situation is very dire and what we find in the kitchen is what we cook.”

He disclosed that currently most of the schools do not have bread, sugar, and other food items and appealed to the government to come to the aid of the schools.

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