A/R: Youth in Afforestation threaten to boycott ‘Green Street’ project over 6months ‘allawa’

Youth in Afforestation workers under the Ministry of Land Natural Resources are threatening to strike if government fails to pay their six-month allowance by the end of July.

The forestry workers are also threatening to boycott the government program dubbed: “Green Street” which is expected to be launched next week.

Addressing a press conference today, Friday, 22 July 2022, in the Ashanti Region, the National President of the group, Mr Asare Clement said the government promised to pay the allowance before June but did not fulfil the promise.

He said, “the youth in afforestation is going through many difficulties and hardships all because of the unpaid allowance”.

Mr. Asare, therefore, called on the government to pay the allowance before the ultimatum they have given else they will strike

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