Accident on via Casilina: motorcycle overwhelms a pedestrian. One dead and one seriously injured

One dead and one seriously injured. The balance of a fatal accident that took place yesterday evening, Wednesday 25 January, along Via Casilina near Piazza delle Camelie, in Centocelle, is dramatic. At 19.40 a 64-year-old pedestrian – Gabriele Bianchi, the name of the victim – ended up overwhelmed by a motorcycle, model Honda 750. 

The man was crossing the road, on the stretch towards the center, when he ended up hit by the two wheels. Struck, he ended up thrown onto the asphalt, with the centaur – a 21-year-old Roman – who also ended up on the ground, lying on his back and seriously injured. The scene in front of dozens of motorists immediately appeared dramatic, with the helpless pedestrian on the street and the motorbike just a few meters away. Many who stopped and alerted the rescue services. 

For Gabriele Bianchi, who will turn 64 on June 18 – a resident of Tor Tre Teste – there was nothing they could do. The ambulance instead rescued the young motorcyclist, transported to San Giovanni in red code. The agents of the V Casilino group of the local police of Rome Capital took care of the findings. Traffic haywire in the area, with the Casilina blocked for hours and traffic and buses diverted to Togliatti or Centocelle.

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