February 2023 pension payment dates

Payment of pensions for February 2023 will   follow the normal credit calendar, no longer the advance one introduced during the covid emergency. Retirees who hold a Libretto di Risparmio, a BancoPosta account or a Postepay Evolution will once again receive their pension credit starting from the first day of the month.

The  payment of the February 2023 pension will therefore start from Tuesday 3 January. Furthermore, Poste Italiane also reminds that Postamat, Carta Libretto or Postepay Evolution cardholders will be able to withdraw cash from the 8,000 ATM Postamat in Italy, without needing to go to the counter.

All pensioners who intend to collect cash at the counter will be able to go to one of the 12,800 Post Offices throughout the country from 1 to 7 February, according to the alphabetical roster posted outside each Post Office. For further information, consult the   or contact the toll-free number 800 00 33 22.

Here is the detailed calendar for the payment of pensions for February 2023:

  • from A to B: 1 February 2023;
  • from C to D: February 2, 2023;
  • E to K: February 3, 2023;
  • L to W: February 4, 2023 (mornings only);
  • P to R: February 6, 2023;
  • from S to Z: February 7, 2023.

Pension increase 2023

The 2023 revaluation of pensions started in January, it is an equalization of 7.3% to adjust the checks to the increase in the cost of living. Furthermore, the Budget law established a new revaluation application scheme, no longer in three bands but in six:

  • 100% re-evaluation for treatments up to 4 times the minimum;
  • 85% reevaluation for treatments between 4 and 5 times the minimum;
  • reevaluation of 53% for treatments between 5 and 6 times the minimum;
  • reevaluation of 47% for treatments between 6 and 8 times the minimum;
  • reevaluation of 37% for treatments between 8 and 10 times the minimum;
  • 32% reevaluation for treatments over 10 times the minimum.

However, the technical times for the recalculation of the increase have meant that the  increases  in the February slip have been  frozen  and will only be recognized to those who had been revalued 100%, as INPS explained. The other pensioners would have had to wait for “the first installment useful at the time of approval of the law” which will probably be in  March.

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