Freezing currents from the northern latitudes will also flow into central and eastern European states next week.

COLD ALREADY UNDERSTANDING EASTERN EUROPE. Already in these hours the eastern states of the Continent are experiencing the rigors of winter with cold weather and snow down to the plains in states such as the Baltic Republics, Belarus, Ukraine, sections of Poland and the northern Balkan sector, as is normal in this period of the ‘year. But in the coming days from the Arctic latitudes the cold influx will become even more intense, if not freezing. Friday a vortex fueled by arctic currents will flow over Mittle Europe distributing snowfall in the plains on northern Germany, Poland and the northern Balkan states, albeit in a climate that is not yet particularly harsh and with temperatures close to zero.

FROST INTENSIFIING OVER THE WEEKEND. Following it, however, much colder currents will break out from northern Russia which will invade the entire central-eastern European sector on Saturday, culminating by Sunday. A few more new snowfalls are expected, but above all a sharp drop in temperatures with values ​​that by the end of the week will reach -6°C in Bucharest, -7°C in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, -9°C in Minsk, -12°C in Warsaw.

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