Accident in Scandiano (Reggio Emilia), the car overturns: you miraculously save four young people

The accident occurred on Easter night on the former state road 467 in Chiozza, the 25-year-old behind the wheel lives in Formigine di Modena. Scandiano (Reggio Emilia), 10 April 2023 – It went well for four young people who were involved in a road accident that occurred on Easter night, around midnight, on the former state road 467 in Chiozza di Scandiano The car, a Fiat Punto driven by a 25-year-old Sicilian living in Formigine of Modena Italy , overturned after a skid.

There were also three twenty-year-old girls on board , all residing in the Reggio area of ​​Ceramiche. Medical aid, firefighters, the Carabinieri of Albinea have arrived. Luckily none of those involved appear to have suffered any major injuries. However, the car was destroyed. The driver was fined by the police for the high speed with which he allegedly drove the car. The accident occurred near a roundabout, while the car was headed from Scandiano towards Casalgrande. It hit the side poles of the pedestrian crossing, and then flipped over on its side in the pedestrian area.

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