Accident in Carrara (Fano): car swerves, knocks down a pole and rolls over. Two injured

Fano, 11 April 2023 –  Three people involved , including two injured. But it could have been much worse. This is the balance of the accident that took place on Easter day , around 12.50 in via Flaminia, in Carrara , in front of the company Rc. A 1962 Citroen C3 driven by a man from Rimini, carrying a 57-year-old woman from Rimini and a 33-year-old woman from Fano, went out of control along the Flaminia in the direction of the mountain, at street number 446, ending up against the fence of the RC company , ending up on the public lighting pole, knocking it down. Then she rolled over.

Two ambulances intervened , from Fano and from Colli al Metauro, two teams of firefighters, the specialized company for cleaning the oil on the streets and Aset to secure the knocked down light pole. The driver was transported to the emergency room of Fano in yellow code, the passenger from Rimini in green code in Fano while the other transported remained unharmed.

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