Female Medical Ward of Tema General Hospital lacks X-ray machine

Ward, has disclosed that the ward lacks X-ray equipment and other medical supplies.
Nana Aikins made this remark when the Tema chapter of the Women Empowerment Foundation
International (WEFI) handed a package worth GHC40,000.00 to the hospital’s female medical
Patients are shuttled back and forth from their wards to the Outpatient Department (OPD) for Xray services, according to Nana Aikins, because the hospital’s single mobile X-ray machine is
She explained that the movements interfere with the patient’s recovery and medical processes
because some of them had to be taken off of medical procedures or supplementary oxygen in
order to be carried to the x-ray department, either in the open or by ambulance for a cost.
She stated that, given the severity of their ailments, it was not always medically essential to
transport patients from their wards, particularly those located outside, to the x-ray department,
requiring them to pay for an ambulance in some situations.

“The x-ray is a major component for a doctor to make a complete diagnosis of patients for
treatment and healing, so if such facilities are not available to speed up the treatment and
medication processes, it becomes difficult to even render further services to the patient,” she
She went on to say that the lack of electronic vital sign hospital monitors in the female medical
ward to record patients’ pulse and oxygen saturation rates, respiratory rate, temperature, and
blood pressure was another shortcoming in patients’ thorough diagnoses to aid in their treatment.
Without the patient monitors, she claimed, “it was difficult to keep track of and record the crucial
data required for diagnosis and therapy.”
The 32-bed female wing was likewise overcrowded, with rickety hospital beds, just one
adjustable bed, and open lockers, which Nana Aikins described as less than optimal.
As a result, she issued an appeal for help from charity organizations such as the WEFI and other
generous individuals.
WEFI restored all of the ward’s obsolete curtains with new ones and set them in place before
delivering the donated supplies, which included beds, oxygen tanks, plastic, wheelchairs, zimmer
frames, bedsheets, water and soft drink bottles, and an adjustable bed.

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