Ragù alla Bolognese, the updated recipe filed in the Chamber of Commerce. “Someone will be horrified”

The notarial deed created in collaboration with the Italian Academy of Cuisine was signed today at Palazzo della Mercanzia. The indication ‘Folder’ disappears among the meats, here’s what else changes

A plate of tagliatelle with meat sauce as tradition dictatesA plate of tagliatelle with meat sauce as tradition dictatesTO KNOW MORE:

Bologna, 20 April 2023 – A recipe that has made history, but with a few small tweaks. Let’s talk about Bolognese sauce : the specification of the noble ‘sauce’ born under the Towers was deposited today in the Chamber of Commerce, with a notarial deed. “There are things that will horrify traditionalists ,” admits Cristina Bragaglia of the delegation

The ragù recipe has been deposited in the Chamber of CommerceThe ragù recipe has been deposited in the Chamber of Commerce

In particular, the reference text changes with respect to the one that had been deposited at the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna on 17 October 1982.

The new recipe, the result of long and in-depth research conducted by a special study committee of the Italian Academy of Cuisine , has now become part of the precious and unique collection of the Bologna Chamber of Commerce.

Bolognese sauce, what changes in the ‘new’ recipe

In the new recipe the indication of the ‘ folder ‘ disappears, which cannot be found in supermarkets, as a piece of meat to be used for the sauce, stock cube stock is allowed (hear, hear), provided it is of excellent quality. 

We have studied it and it corresponds to the one used for ragù”, assures Bragaglia. Certainly, the modification to the recipe filed in 1982, therefore, 40 years ago, takes note of the changes in the habits of the Bolognese: often there is no butcher at home and families do their shopping at the supermarket, where not all the pieces are meat can be found at the butcher’s counter. Not only that, tastes have also changed. “In 40 years the kitchen has changed, what could have been good then may not be appreciated by contemporary palates. For this reason we thought of reviewing and re-establishing the recipe for ragù”, explains Ronerto Ariani, general secretary of the Academy of Italian cuisine.

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