Pesaro Trieste 94 83, victory over the crisis

Pesaro, 23 April 2023 – Pesaro wins against Trieste (94 to 83) and throws a very complicated week in the bin, even at a corporate level. Repesa’s line-up suffers for 35 minutes , but in the end he brings home the result that drives away the crisis .

However, not an easy match , taking into account that the Julian team arrived at this match without their starting point guard blocked by doping: cocaine. A match that brought Moretti home, not so much for the baskets made in the first part of the match, but because he played and scored in the last ten laps of the clock. Definitely the best in the field for Carpegna Prosciutto who takes the monkey off his shoulders. Because Vuelle came to this match with an even heavy sequence of defeats.

In the Julian line-up , which showed up with point guard Ruzzier in the quintet, essentially two players stood out , namely Bartley who scored 22 points, and then Lever who finally brought home 26 points. Not an easy game for Repesa who changed and reciprocated the cards on the pitch during the match to try to find the winning solution.

A match that went on in jerks with Pesaro trying to stretch and with Trieste sewing up all the forward joints with a needle and threadof the red and white team. Repesa found the solution to the match in the final when he fielded Visconti who kicked off with a shot from distance and then with Moretti who practically did nothing wrong from an offensive point of view and above all did not throw balls to the wind with forcing. Tough and ugly match for both teams: on the one hand, the Pesaro side, which faced a possible corporate crisis: on the other hand, the quicksand of the relegation zone. The match, overall very bad and very fragmented, developed substantially on the Pesaro stretches which were however punctually canceled by the Julian team thanks above all to his guards.

This up to the final five minutes when the balance was broken first by a bomb from Delfino and then by another heavy shot from Visconti who ran a very positive race. The fuse that set off Pesaro towards this victory banishes the crisis. All this despite the fact that the team from Trieste won the match under the scoreboards, bringing home 35 against 28 in Pesaro.

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