April 25, Anpi Urbino reiterates: “The Constitution is anti-fascist

During the participatory celebrations, the president of the association attacks La Russa: “He distorts the Charter and distorts history”. Mayor Gambini: “All parties condemn Nazi-fascism, but let’s not glorify opposition”

Urbino, 25 April 2023 – The city’s orchestra of wind instruments singing “Bella Ciao”, the procession that gathers people along its route, the flags of peace waiting for it in Piazza della Repubblica and the great emotion at the deposition of the wreaths laurel in memory of the fallen. It’s April 25 again in Urbino too , for the 78th time since the establishment of the Feast of Liberation from Nazi-Fascism. With the fall of all restrictions due to the pandemic, and thanks also to a clement weather, the celebrations took place as per tradition.

Alongside the mayor and the president of the municipal council , Maurizio Gambini and Massimiliano Sirotti, this year the deputy prefect of Pesaro and Urbino , Fiorangelo Angeloni, also paraded , while the president of Anpi Urbino, Cristiana Nasoni, was supported by Donato Demeli. “With the first right-wing government since 1945, we find ourselves once again having to defend the values ​​of anti-fascism, which give an imprint to our Constitution – said Nasoni during the closing speeches -. The position taken by the president is false of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa, who loves to play with words: the Constitution is anti-fascist from the first to the last article. He carries out a plan to distort paper and distort history. Anti-fascism is an indisputable constitutional paradigm and also the words of the minister Francesco Lollobrigida sound sinister to us: we are not willing to put up with anything else”.

An invitation to “not forget the event that is remembered today”, but also an appeal “not to exalt the opposition” in Gambini’s speech , who affirms: “Unfortunately, it seems that history has taught us nothing. We all condemn what fascism did and every political force should refer to this example and to the Constitution, but the opposition makes hatred grow and we must never assume that what happened then will never happen again. In the future, therefore, we will have to try to renew the how we celebrate April 25thto make the new generations, now distant from that period, understand well what happened”. Before the final concert of the Wind Instruments Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Michele Mangani, there was also space for a speech by Professor Alessandra Tempesta, present representing the Liceo Laurana-Baldi : “The school is the first place where the values ​​of the Resistance are affirmed, a garrison of freedom and knowledge of the past and of the foundations of the Constitution. Here, young people experience the value of diversity. We tell them to defend it and, with it, to defend freedom of expression, which is not a given, just as democracy is not foreve

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