CPA UK welcomes Speaker Bagbin to UK Parliament

Jon Davies, the Chief Executive of CPA UK said “CPA UK looks forward to strengthening its
relationship with the Parliament of Ghana through this three-day Speaker-led visit. The
programme will provide opportunities for mutual learning through discussions of shared
challenges faced by our respective parliaments”.
Speaker-led visits are part of CPA UK’s wider work in delivering activities focused on
strengthening parliamentary democracy throughout the Commonwealth. This visit will take place
as the Parliament of Ghana experiences a hung parliament for the first time. With a majority of
one, the situation has left parliamentarians keen to deepening understanding of parliamentary
procedure and governance.
The three-day programme, held within the UK Parliament, provides an opportunity for discussion
on the impact of hung parliaments and small majorities on parliamentary business. Additionally,
the programme will cover parliamentary procedure in the UK Parliament, parliamentary
accountability through committees, and ministerial obligations and responsibilities.
CPA UK, in partnership with the Parliament of Ghana, organised a Workshop on Trade, Gender
and Security in Accra in January 2022. Rt Hon. Bagbin said at the start of the workshop that “as
we begin 2022, I believe this is a great opportunity to strengthen our bonds, as we learn from
one another and face up to modern challenges.”

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