Famous People You May Not Know-
Chief Massasoit
Massasoit was born in a Pokanoket village at the site of today’s Rhode Island. His village was near a spring of water which is named after him. He was liked by seven leaders.
In March 1621, a Native American named Samoset entered Plymouth Colony and said to the Pilgrims in English, “Welcome Englishmen”. He had learned some words from the English fishermen and traders that had visited his tribe. He said he was sent by Massasoit, “the greatest leader of the country.”
After a few days, Massasoit came in person and was received with great friendship.
Massasoit’s people had been seriously weakened by a series of epidemics and were vulnerable to attacks by the Narragansetts, and he formed an alliance with the colonists at Plymouth Colony for defense against them. It was through his assistance that the Plymouth Colony avoided starvation during the early years.
When the Pilgrims decided to celebrate a bountiful harvest of Thanksgiving, Massasoit was invited and brought 90 warriors as guests. For the Thanksgiving feast, they pounded the dried ears of corn into a dish they called nasaump, and prepared a stewed pumpkin porridge called pompion.

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