Unsolved Murder Mysteries in Ghana.

Unsolved Murder Mysteries in Ghana
These people were killed under mysterious circumstances and till date the Ghana Police are yet to unravel the very people behind their deaths or why they were killed!

It is widely believed some POWERFUL PEOPLE are behind their deaths… But how do you prove that?

The Mystery continues!

Whiles the Plot Thickens till infinity because their real killers may Never be Found!

💐Fennec Okyere

Fennec Okyere, who was the head of MadTime Entertainment and former manager of hiplife artiste, Kwaw Kese was found dead at his Manet Gardens residence, in March 2014.

Fennec was brutally killed by unknown assailants, who broke into his house in Accra on Thursday 13th March 2014.

The motivation for the killing is unknown but the police claim they are still investigating the killing.

💐JB Danquah Adu

Justice is yet to be served after 4 years since the death of former legislator, JB Danquah, who was tragically murdered at his residence at Shiashie on February 9, 2016.

Two suspects have been arrested so far but the court is yet to prosecute these suspects.

The newest development which was on July 30 indicated that the counsel of the suspects keeps absenting himself.

According to the court presided over by Justice Lydia Osei Marfo, the absence of Augustine Obuor, counsel for the accused is causing a delay in the trial of Daniel Asiedu aka Sexy Dondon and Vincent Bossu who has been named as key suspect in the case

💐Ahmed Suale

Barely 16 days into the first month of 2019, Ahmed Suale – who after his death was widely identified as ‘Anas’ boy’ – took two close-range gunshots in his chest and one in his neck and died instantly in his vehicle.

The gruesome assassination of the Tiger PI investigator took place at Adenta, a suburb in Accra.

The news of his murder sparked debate, panic and uncertainty amongst the populace. As a reminder, concerns about media freedom and safety of journalists were raised, accusers arose and the accused were questioned, accordingly by law.

But thereafter, perpetrators are yet to be brought to book

💐Adam Mahama

In May 2015, Ghanaians woke up to a piece of sad news over the death of Upper East regional chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) who was showered with acid.

Adams Mahama was attacked by two unidentified men.

Weeks later, brother of former NPP chairman was arrested as a prime suspect in the murder of Adams Mahama.

Afoko’s trial started in 2016 and was nearing completion after the prosecution and the defence had closed their cases.

However, on January 28, 2019, the A-G filed a nolle prosequi to discontinue the trial following the arrest of the other suspect, Asabke Alangdi, who had been on the run since the incident occurred in 2015.

Afoko and Alangdi were then put before the Accra Central District Court on provisional charges of conspiracy to commit murder and murder for committal proceedings, which are a prelude to the trial at the High Court.

💐Major Maxwell Mahama

Perpetrators involved in the ghastly murder of Major Maxwell Adam Mahama are yet to be brought to book.

Major Mahama, in 2017, was brutalised and burnt to death by a mob who claimed they mistook him for an armed robber when they saw him jogging with his pistol at Denkyira-Obuasi in the Central region

💐GPHA Boss – Josephine Asante

The marketing and Public Affairs Manager of GPHA was found in a pool of her own blood in her home at Tema Community 25, stabbed to death in January 14, 2019.

A case was opened, medical tests were done, some accused persons were arrested and arraigned but none have revealed the face(s) behind the gruesome murder yet.

💐Takoradi Girls

The two suspects Sam Udoetuk Wills and John Orji, both Nigerians, linked to the case of the four Takoradi girls who went missing, in 2019, have been charged with murder at the Takoradi Magistrate Court.

The kidnap and subsequent murder of the Takoradi girls may not pass as a high-profile murder but the agitation for justice for the kidnapped girls gained which national attention and consequently became an issue of national interest, gives it a pass.

The girls who were in separate instances kidnapped between late 2018 and early 2019 were found not in flesh, but as skeletal remains in August, according to information by police.

💐Nana Drobo (Famous Fetish Priest and Herbalist)

On August 26 1992, The Pioneer daily newspaper ran a headline “Nana Drobo Dies!” The story said that Nana Kofi Drobo II, an internationally renowned herbalist was reported to have committed suicide on the 25 August 1992.

This follows a report in the same paper of July 5th telling of his narrow escape from attempted kidnapping and poisoning while on a trip to Tokyo, Japan in June 92.

He was invited to Tokyo by several companies including the Dental and medical University, in order for them to test the efficacy of his drug, which many had claimed cured them of AIDS.

A headline in the 8th September issue of the Ghanaian Times said “Nana Drobo died from 2 gunshot wounds” according to the pathologist Dr. Kofi Adomako Boateng, so he could not have shot himself as was earlier reported.

The Ghanaian Times of 3 October 1992 reported that five people including his secretary, driver, personal aide, and a linguist of the Kwaku Firi Shrine, where Nana Drobo was chief priest, were charged with his murder and conspiracy to murder.

It is understood that three of the five were convicted.

It is widely believed that Nana Drobo was murdered by international drug companies trying to protect their profits because his was the only cure and preventative medicine for AIDS whereas all the others were symptom suppressants.

That may well be true but they are not the main criminals, the main murderers are those USA government agencies who were responsible for creating the AIDS-generating virus in their military laboratories and spreading it through heterosexual contacts and World Health Organisation (WHO) vaccinations in Africa.

The Mystery remains!

We may Never Know the REAL REASONS why they were Killed and the REAL PEOPLE behind it

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