Football D, Adriese in the play off semi-finals

On Sunday at the Bettinazzi stadium in Adria the grenades will host the Paduans from Campodarsego: start at 4pm

Lazar goalkeeper of Adriese outgoingLazar goalkeeper of Adriese outgoing

Rovigo, 9 May 2023. Last Sunday, at the Gabbiano stadium in Campodarsego in the last match of the championship, now next Sunday at the Bettinazzi stadium in Adria, the teams coached respectively by Cristiano Masitto and Roberto Vecchiato (both almost certain the next season of change places), they will compete for a place in the play off final (the other semi-final is Clodiese-Luparense) The last season ended with a crackling draw: 2-2.Adriese, who led by two goals, was recovered by the Paduans at the start of the second half thanks to Buongiorno’s brace (top scorer in the group with 16 goals).

 In the last match of the season neither of the two teams could be satisfied, and in fact neither of them spared themselves. Biancorossi immediately dangerous in the 8th minute, with a shot by Buratto who hisses just a short distance away from the goal, and then in the 13th minute with an assist from Cupani who frees Orlandi, blocked by Lazar. The guests, stopped on several occasions by an attentive Perez, replied in the 28th minute with Rabbas, on which Boscolo responded present, and with a cross from Brigati which in the 36th minute crossed the whole area without anyone being able to intervene. 

The first half is extended, after having allowed the rescue of a person from the public affected by a slight illness (nothing serious), and recovery was fatal: in the 49th minute Adriese took the lead with Moras, who freed himself from the shot and kicked around, scoring after hitting the inside post. Shooting begins, eit rains in the wet : after only 3 minutes the guest encore arrives, with Maniero’s winning free-kick making it 0-2. It seems like a tremendous blow for Campodarsego, which instead is there and responds with strength, courage and determination: in the 5th minute Diarrassouba is brought down in the area, the penalty kick arrives which Buongiorno scores by shortening the distances. 

The red and whites insisted: in the 14th minute the newcomer Cocola tried, in the 28th minute Perez headed in and was stopped by the goalkeeper, but it was only the prelude to a draw. In the 29th minute the script is similar: Diarrasosuba lying in the area, penalty and Buongiorno is not wrong. Personal brace for the red and white bomber, who ends his season at the top of the group C scorers chart with 16 goals scored. 

On Sunday the two teams will meet again and it will be a show again. CAMPODARSEGO-ADRIESE 2-2CAMPODARSEGO : Boscolo Palo, Oneto (26′ st Rivi), Ballan, Guitto, Perez, Buratto, Diarrassouba (42′ st Michelotto), Alluci (33′ st Farabegoli), Buongiorno, Orlandi (6′ st Cocola), Cupani (13 ′ st Prevedello). Coach: Masitto. ADRIESE: Lazar, Brigati (30′ st Zupperdoni), Feruglio (10′ st Tomasi), Montin, Tiozzo Fasiolo, Moras, Rabbas (22′ st Danieli), Gemignani (33′ st Campion), Maniero, Forapani, Ekblom (10 ′ st Farinazzo). Coach: Vecchiato

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