Destroyed family: he dies at the age of 56, his wife and son in grave condition. Collision with a Porsche

The tragedy in Arezzo, in an indicator locality. A SUV and a custom-built car are involved. The driver of the latter was unhurt.Arezzo, 9 May 2023 – Tragedy in Indicatore, a hamlet of Arezzo : a man died, while his wife and son are serious, in red code, after the collision between the family’s SUV and a Porsche. It happened around 5 in the afternoon on Tuesday 9 May.

A very violent collision in which the two cars ended up off-road: that of the victim in a field, the Porsche instead ended its run near a petrol station . A frontal accident for which we are now trying to understand the dynamics and which once again brings up the issue of safety on Tuscan roads. 

A 56-year-old man lost his life , for whom there was a desperate rush to the Arezzo emergency room. In red code, his fifty-year-old wife and twenty-five-year-old son. The first was transported by air ambulance to the Careggi hospital in Florence, while the boy was transferred to the Le Scotte hospital in Siena. 

The driver of the Porsche came out almost unscathed but in shock. It’s not about the car owner, but about a trusted man.

In the violent collision, a wheel of the custom-built car detached and ended up in the middle of the road . No other cars apart from the two in the head-on collision were involved. The first calls to 118 were made by motorists who witnessed the accident. 

Four ambulances intervened from the Misericordia of Subbiano, from the Misericordia of Arezzo, from the White Cross of Arezzo and from the Misericordia of Faella. The scene that occurred to the rescuers  was tragic .

with the news of the man’s death despite every resuscitation maneuver. 

The dynamics of the clash is being examined by the municipal police. Traffic stopped with serious repercussions on traffic leaving the city which was blocked for a few hours. Firefighters and traffic police patrols are also on site.

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