Red weather alert tomorrow in Emilia Romagna: areas at risk.

High criticality due to river floods and landslides in the plains and hills of the provinces of Bologna, Ravenna and Forlì, already affected by the floods of 2 May. Rains spread throughout the region.

Bologna, May 9, 2023 – The deterioration was in the air, announced several times by weather experts , in the region and beyond. Now it’s official: Arpae (Regional Agency for Prevention, Energy and the Environment), in concert with the Civil Protection , has issued a ‘red’ weather alert (high criticality) for the whole day tomorrow , Wednesday 10 May , starting from midnight today. Maximum attention for the provinces of Bologna, Ravenna and Forlì Cesena,

The perturbation will not only affect Emilia Romagna, but the entire peninsula: it is in fact associated with an important cyclonic vortex coming from northern Europe and will also bring strong phenomena, often of a thunderstorm type and with local downpours , not excluding hailstorms.

But Emilia Romagna is among the most exposed regions , together with those of the Northeast and almost all of the South, with the exception of Sardinia and southern Sicily.

On Wednesday 10″, reads the bulletin, ” widespread and persistent rains are expected throughout the region, including downpours, with high cumulative rains in the central-eastern sector. Floods are expected on all watercourses water in the central-eastern sector of the region, with possible occupation of the floodplain areas, involvement of the embankments and difficulties in disposing of the water in the minor hydrographic network and in reclamation.

The remaining territory of the central-eastern sector of the region (Romagna coast, central Emilian mountains, central Emilian hills and Modena plain) is affected by an ‘ orange’ hydraulic and hydrogeological criticality , corresponding to a moderate level of attention.

Lastly, the ‘yellow’ alert for river floods concerns the provinces of Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna and Ferrara; the one due to landslides and floods of minor watercourses concerns the provinces of Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena and Rimini.

According to the weather forecast , the trend over the next 48 hours is stationary, so it is possible that the rain will continue.

Bologna, the metropolitan city: “Stay away from rivers”

Even Bologna and the entire metropolitan area are in alarm. “Citizens are invited to make only the necessary journeys and not to stop near watercourses “, warn the Municipality and the metropolitan city of Bologna.

The Municipal Civil Protection Operations Center will remain active and the local Police will implement ” surveillance services in the critical points of the city. Even the technicians of the Metropolitan City will keep the most critical points of the provincial roads under observation “.

The rainfall situation will also be “constantly monitored and any interventions to close the road sections will be evaluated if necessary “.

Weather forecast day by day

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