If you see my picture just put your thumbprint there’ — Mahama teaches NDC delegates how to avoid spoilt ballots.

mer President John Dramani Mahama has demonstrated to delegates how to vote in a way that minimizes the instances of
spoilt ballots in elections.
Speaking to NDC delegates on May 9 at Wa Central, Mr. Mahama, who is running for the party’s flagbearer position, if the delegates exercise caution during voting to avoid the incidence of spoiled ballots, he would be able to achieve the 100% vote target in
the constituency as promised by the executives.
He stated “When you are voting kindly put your thumbprint in the middle of the box, don’t let it cross, you will find my picture there,
if you see my picture just put your thumbprint there.
“One of the things that spoils the most ballot is that after we apply the thumbprint we don’t clean our thumb and so the ink is not yet
dry on our thumb and then we hold the paper to try and fold it and then it thump prints another place.

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