BAD NEWS HIT ITALY.Direct flood in Emilia Romagna: 9 dead, several missing, 13 thousand displaced. “In Ravenna another 14 thousand to be evacuated”. 

Bologna, 17 May 2023 – Cloudbursts, deaths, flooding, landslides. Bad weather. There are also two dead in the flood  and a missing woman . A man, who had been reported missing yesterday afternoon was later found dead in the night in Forlì,  lived on the ground floor of a house invaded by the water of the nearby Montone river.

The dynamics of this perturbation is similar to that which occurred, particularly in the Bologna and Ravenna areas, at the beginning of May: a low depression , coming from the Atlantic Ocean, has made its way into the Mediterranean, reaching as far as northern Africa and progressively becoming loaded with humidity. It then went up along the Adriatic ridge and penetrated the Romagna sectors, up to the hill, without encountering obstacles. In fact, in this case as in the previous one at the beginning of the month, the watershed between more intense and less understood phenomena is represented by the Bologna-Modena axis”.

avenna, evacuation for another 14 thousandMass evacuations in Ravenna, where the prefect Castrese De Rosa explains: “The mayor of Ravenna had to issue another evacuation order for about 14,000 people, in addition to the 6,000 already evacuated in recent days. This is because there is fear of flood united rivers, the Ronco and the Montone which could overflow”. And again: “We are rescuing people, we have carried out 200 rescues and we still have to do as many. We have to run. We are working to try to save all the people. At the moment there are no missing people. The most affected areas are Faenza and Bassa Romagna “.
Laura Pausini: “Anxiety for my land”
Laura Pausini’s tweet: “I am very anxious for my region, for my family, all my friends who live there and my fellow citizens. Right now the weather situation is also violently affecting Solarolo, Castelbolognese, Faenza and Forlì (where my family members live, some of whom have been evacuated)”. 
And again: “On behalf of all the citizens of the cities and towns involved – writes the singer – I ask all the Italian institutions to pay the utmost attention to the people of Emilia Romagna, who have always been strong and reactive, but who really need support today” .

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