Bad weather and floods close the bridges in the plain. Fossalta and Ponte Alto in “red”ITALY

Update at 5.30 pm: as expected, the rains during the night and in the morning have further swelled Modena’s waterways. The Panaro remains at the expected level, the “orange” one, while the Secchia has risen further. Around midday, level 3 (red) was reached in Ponte Alto. In the Ponte Alto area and near the Tav passage, Aipo has installed tarpaulins in some embankment sections of the Secchia. The long duration expected for the passage of the flood, in fact, risks weakening the structure of the embankments. At the moment, however, no particular criticalities have been identified.

The Tiepido alla Fossalta is especially worrying, already in “red” from the night. The level continues to rise, but the torrent continues to discharge regularly into the Panaro.

Ponte Alto Vecchio in Modena and Ponte dell’Uccellino between Modena and Soliera are currently closed , as well as the Navicello Vecchio bridge along the Panaro. The Curtatona road bridge is also closed. In the afternoon, the bridge over the lukewarm river in Strada Gherbella was also closed , which is therefore interrupted between Via Baccelliera and Stradello San Lorenzo.

At 3.30 pm, Ponte Motta and the San Martino Secchia bridge in San Prospero will also close, as will the Bailey bridge ( between Camposanto and Solara) and the Ca’ Bianca bridge in Finale Emilia.

The level of the Tepid is causing concern and in the morning the pedestrian bridge parallel to via Emilia alla Fossalta was closed. In the next few hours, if the level were to rise, the state itself could be at risk of closure.

It should be noted that in Serramazzoni the provincial road 3 “Via Giardini” was closed again in the locality of La Fontanina, due to the worsening of the landslide caused by the wave of bad weather in recent days.

The situation of the Secchia river in Sassuolo is under control and at the moment does not give rise to particular concerns: there are no landslides or landslides in the hilly areas, the roads are all passable but the Veggia bridge has been closed as a precaution. We remind you that the Secchia Nature Trail is closed and inaccessible following the provincial ordinance; just as the passage of pedestrians on the Veggia bridge is forbidden. In the Sassuolo area, railway traffic on the Reggio Emilia – Sassuolo FER line (between Casalgrande and Sassuolo) was partially suspended. A bus service has been set up for connections on the interrupted section.

We also note the closure of the Via Emilia on the border with the Bologna area, in the locality of Ponte Samoggia , due to the risk of flooding of the stream. In Castelfranco, via Quaresima was flooded and closed.

In Campogalliano, the final sections of via Madonna and via Bosco were closed, including cycle paths (with consequent evacuation orders for the people concerned). Flooding is reported in some areas close to the floodable area of ​​the Secchia.

Landslides in the Apennines

From this morning Wednesday 17 May, an alternate one-way system has been established on the provincial road 31 between Lama Mocogno and Montecreto , due to a landslide that has affected part of the roadway, caused by the bad weather of these hours.

An alternate one-way system has also been instituted on the provincial road 25 between Monteombraro and Zocca , due to the subsidence of a part of the valley slope, while there is flooding on the provincial road 569 in correspondence with via Lugazzo and in Vignola on the provincial road 4 at the bottom of the Panaro valley, at the intersection with the provincial road 17.

Criticisms also on the provincial road 20 in Montegibbio , where the technicians of the Province are at work to secure the road from landslides and have set up an alternate one-way street.

On the provincial road 28 in the locality of Mulino del Grillo , the technicians of the province are intervening to fix the roadway, on which significant cracks have opened up, while the one-way alternate sense on the provincial road 33 in Frassineti remains active in force since last 3 May and kept under constant observation to check for any deterioration.

Breaks the bank of the Rio Piccolo in Marano

Breakage of the bank of Rio Piccolo which overflowed occupying the road on via Miani, in the industrial area of ​​Marano sul Panaro. On site technicians and municipal workers are present, a company activated by the operations center of the Civil Protection of Marzaglia to contain the waters is arriving. The road closure ordinance on via Miani will be published shortly. Avoid going along it until the embankment is restored.

The single integrated operations room of Marzaglia has been active since midnight on Tuesday and the municipal technicians, from Aipo and the volunteers from the Civil Protection are also at work. Forecasts indicate that the rainfall will continue in the next few hours and during the day both the Ccs, Rescue Coordination Center, convened by the Prefecture, and the Coc, the Municipal Operations Center, meet to define the necessary activities on the basis of the trend of the phenomenon.

“Travel only if necessary”

The president of the Province of Modena Fabio Braglia recommends «limiting non-essential travel due to the persistence of critical weather conditions, since we are facing a situation that could suddenly worsen. We constantly monitor the road network and watercourses, but the accumulation of precipitation is such as to advise against any unnecessary movement”. The technicians and personnel of the Province of Modena are engaged in monitoring and controlling the road network, with particular attention to the hydrometric level of the watercourses near the bridges.

The Province of Modena has also activated the current account IT52M 02008 12930 00000 3398693 at the Unicredit bank to which it is possible to make donations that will be used to support the populations affected by the floods of Emilia-Romagna by inserting the reason “Emilia-Romagna flood” . The contributions will be allocated to the Municipalities and territories affected by the flood, in agreement with the local administrations.

Red alert confirmed

No rain is forecast for Thursday 18 May in the region. However, due to the heavy rains of Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 May, high floods are expected to persist in all the valley stretches of the watercourses in the central-eastern sector of the region. In particular, serious critical conditions remain in the Romagna basins and tributaries of the Reno, affected by floods and routes, also in the reclamation network.

The new flood ridges coming from upstream predict high levels on the Reno river downstream of Cento. The red hydraulic criticality in the Modena plain refers to the propagation of the flood on the Secchia river, a flood of orange criticality is expected on the Panaro river.

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