Bad weather in Emilia Romagna, canceled the Formula One GP at Imola

The organization decided not to let the race take place on Sunday: “We can’t proceed safely..

Bad weather emergency in Emilia Romagna, the F1 GP at Imola will not be held next weekend. Given the weather conditions in the region, the damage and the casualties, the F1 organization has decided not to run the race. During the night, the rainfall further brought Emilia-Romagna to its knees: the rivers continued to overflow with the water that invaded various areas of the region. The red alert therefore continues and the sporting event will not go ahead because, F1 informs us, “we cannot proceed safely and it is not right to add further burdens to the community and to the emergency services in the region”.

The Santerno river flows near the circuit, the flooding of which has already required a precautionary evacuation of the structure. After yesterday’s decidedly critical situation, today a new red alert which also affected the municipality of Imola. The ordinance that established the behaviors to be adopted and the measures including the closure of schools and sports facilities was published on the official website of the Municipality. With the cancellation of the Made in Italy and Emilia Romagna GP, the Formula 1 calendar loses one of its 23 races scheduled for this 2023 World Championship. At the moment, a recovery with another date is not foreseen, even if the same Formula 1 announces that all options will be examined.

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