Bad weather in ITALY Emilia Romagna, the mayor of Forlì: there is a victim. A thousand evacuees in Cesena:

Romagna is the most worrying: in Cesenate people stuck on the roofs. Also in Bologna the indications are to evacuate the basements and ground floors.

Bad weather gripped the regions facing the Adriatic, first of all Emilia-Romagna, then down to the Marches, Abruzzo and Molise. Specially supervised rivers, many of which are in flood: this is the case of the Ravenna area where, already in the morning, a thousand people were evacuated. But even in Bologna the indications are to evacuate the basements and ground floors of some streets. The fears are for the next few hours, especially those at night, with the rain showing no signs of abating and the forecasts that still rain at least for the next 24 hours.

The most worrying is Romagna, where the Savio river has done very serious damage in the Cesena area, with the level well beyond the red; in the Ravenna area, even if the level is still orange, it is rising very quickly. After the flooding of the Savio, people stranded on the roofs were reported in Cesena. “The situation is very difficult. We are really facing a disastrous situation. We have to be clear-headed and not lose our temper and focus on the priorities”, underlined the mayor of Cesena Enzo Lattuca in a live Facebook broadcast.

«We have to resist in these hours. The top priority right now is getting people to safety. So an appeal once again to everyone to stay away from risk factors such as rivers are. Don’t come close, stay away », warns the mayor. Also in Modena there is concern about the level of the rivers, so much so that the bridges of the city will be closed during the night, as a precaution. Difficult situation also in the Marche. “The situation is critical,” said mayor Matteo Ricci, urging “everyone to be cautious and not to move around the city unless strictly necessary.” In Abruzzo, the Pescara, Sinello and Orta rivers are “under observation” while the Osento river, for which the alert was issued in the morning, is back under the attention threshold. Flooding of vineyards is also recorded in Molise,

One dead in Forlì

A man died in the evening in Forlì due to flooding in the city after the overflow of the Montone river. Mayor Gian Luca Zattini announces it. In the evening, the rescuers had recovered a woman near via Firenze, near the embankment of the Montone river. The victim, according to what we learn, is the woman’s husband. Her lifeless body was found after a few hours of searching.

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