ITALIAN WEATHER Extended alert, the red dot remains tomorrow in the Modena area as well.

The Civil Protection of Emilia Romagna has issued a new “red” alert for Wednesday. The notice specifies that “a low-pressure circulation will remain with widespread rainfall in the first part of the day, gradually decreasing. Floods are expected to continue affecting the floodplain areas and embankments on all watercourses in the central-eastern sector of the region.

Red sticker also confirmed on the province of Modena, from the Apennines to the plains, in particular due to the hydraulic criticality.

Meanwhile, the most critical situation remains between Bologna and Romagna. In the Romagna basins and tributaries of the Reno, full floods are expected close to the embankment francs and historical highs. Significant increases in hydrometric levels on the minor hydrographic network will also be possible, with associated bank erosion phenomena and possible flooding of the neighboring areas, also due to local criticalities (tombs and restrictions) and difficulties in disposing of the water from the reclamation network”.

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