Bad weather in Emilia-Romagna Italy, the death toll rises to 13: a person found alive who was considered dead yesterday. 250 roads closed, 27,000 without electricity. The weather warning has been extended

that have disfigured cities and small towns, landslides and landslides are feared. The relief machine has never shut down because the priority is to keep citizens safe. At the same time, the count of the (enormous) damage begins with many companies left on their knees. The death toll is currently 13. Eight deaths recorded yesterday (four in the province of Cesena, three in the province of Forlì and one in the Bologna area) to which are added the 5 confirmed victims communicated today by the prefecture of Ravenna. At the moment there is also at least one missing. Ten thousand displaced. A “new earthquake” says the president of the Region Stefano Bonaccini, just a few days from the anniversary of the 2012 earthquake. Meanwhile, even if heavy rainfall is not expected today, the red alert for floods of rivers and landslides has been confirmed throughout the Romagna, the Bologna and Modena plains, the mountain hills of central Emilia and Bologna. Orange alert on the Ferrara plain and coast. And schools still closed. Another night of relief and another night of fear.

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