Bicycle pusher arrested in Vignola With Hashish and Cocaine.

Carabinieri in the province of Modena in terms of crime prevention and combating. Late yesterday evening. 17 May, the soldiers of the Lieutenancy of Vignola, engaged in the bad weather emergency in the control and monitoring of flooded rivers, noticed a person on a bicycle wandering around suspiciously near the Muratori bridge.

His movements and attitude did not appear to the military to be that of one of the numerous onlookers approaching to observe the flooding of the Panaro. In proceeding to check him, in fact, the person riding his bicycle tried to flee but, after a few meters, he was reached and stopped by the military who intervened.

The 43-year-old foreigner, subjected to careful checks, was found in possession of 29 grams of hashish divided into 14 cartons and two doses of cocaine.

The man was arrested for detention for the purposes of drug dealing and this morning he was taken before the Judge of the Court of Modena for the hearing with a very direct rite.

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