The appeal of the world of commerce: “More effort to welcome tourists. The center becomes more attractive”

Carrara, 30 April 2023 – A representation of merchants that connects the world of commerce with the civic building, training courses to welcome tourists , but also information material to guide tourist flows and make the center attractive.

These are just some of the suggestions launched by the city’s merchants in view of the summer and the consequent arrival of tourists. Tourists alike these days are arriving in great numbers throughout the city centre. But is Carrara a welcoming city? For Cristina Bencivinni of the Crema bar in via Roma, the lack of tourist vocation comes from afar.

“There are really a lot of tourists in the city – says the owner of Crema –. But Carrara is not a welcoming city for a whole series of reasons, starting with all the previous administrations which have never focused on tourism. Over the years, the world of trade has fallen apart due to the widespread malaise.It is time to recover and to do so we need numbers.

Trade associations must take the field and act as a bridge between the world of commerce and that of politics. We need a direction that, by communicating with the Municipality, sets up a long-term program. We’ve hit rock bottom and it’s time to get back up, but to do so we need unity and above all we need numbers. An association has the loudest voice over the requests of the individual. We need an association that is also training for traders, which perhaps organizes English or hospitality courses”.

Damiano Franchi of the Delfino pizzeria talks about a dirty and decaying city. “The city is dirty and at dinner time the degradation emerges – says the pizza maker -. Cameras are needed to fine those who do not take up the dog’s needs and to identify who every two by three fights in the historic center. The info point in Piazza Alberica is in the centre, but if you don’t know it, you have to get there.

There is a lack of spaces where children can go in the evening. But above all there is a lack of dialogue between commerce and politics”. Andrea Ghinoi of the tobacco bar of the same name speaks instead of a city without appeal: “There are tourists, and many too – he says – but it is a hit and run tourism, they visit the historic center and then they leave. There are no attractions that push them to stay and consume on the premises. In Carrara there is everything. There are trekking routes that maybe the Carrara people don’t even know. Yet the beauties of the city and its tourist offers are not advertised in the least. We need agreements with tour operators to keep tourists in the city and we need information material”.

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