Christian Atsu: Beautiful Ewe Culture Displayed At Late Footballer’s Funeral, Many Left In Awe

Christian Atsu’s burial service, which took place at the State House in Accra on March 17, 2023, showcased a beautiful display of Ewe culture A group of women elegantly dressed in beautiful bright traditional outfits carried calabashes containing clothes, mats and other items in it while their leader carried a pot of burning fire The beautiful The former Ghanaian football star Christian Atsu was laid to rest in a beautiful ceremony that showcased the rich cultural heritage of the Ewe people. The burial service took place at the State House in Accra on March 17, 2023, and was attended by a large crowd of mourners.

Beautiful Ewe culture displayed at Christian Atsu’s burial Photo Source: GH Hyper Source: Instagram The ceremony was a perfect tribute to the former footballer who played for several European clubs including Chelsea FC and Newcastle United. Atsu was also a member of the Ghana national team, where he played a significant role in helping the team qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. RECOMMENDED FOR YOU Final resting place of Christian Atsu causes stir among netizens: “Upon all… The highlight of the ceremony was the beautiful display of Ewe culture, which was carried out by a group of women elegantly dressed in bright traditional outfits. The women carried calabashes containing cloths, mats, and other items while their leader carried a pot of burning fire.

The striking visual display was a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the Ewe people and was a sight to behold. The event was attended by former teammates, coaches, and members of the football fraternity in Ghana. The beautiful ceremony was a fitting send-off for the beloved football icon, who will forever be remembered for his contributions to the sport. PAY The video of the ceremony quickly went viral on social media, with many Ghanaians admiring the beauty of the cultural display.

The event was a perfect showcase of how Ghana can preserve its cultural heritage while paying tribute to a beloved icon. RECOMMENDED FOR YOU Ghana Prisons Service bid Christian Atsu farewell with a football match: “W… Atsu’s death was a significant loss to the football community in Ghana and beyond, and his memory will be forever cherished. Folks described the former footballer as a talented player and a true ambassador for Ghana, stating that his legacy will live on for generations.

Christian Atsu: Sammy Kuffuor And John Paintsil In Tears At Former Balck Stars Player’s Funeral In another story, ex-Blackstars players Sammy Kuffuor and John Paintsil, could not hold back their tears at the funeral of their former colleague Christian Atsu. Sammy Kuffuor cried and covered his face with his handkerchief to wipe his uncontrollable tears. John Paintsil also bowed his head in tears and continuously wiped his tears, unable to stop crying at the sight of his friend’s lifeless body. Read more:

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