May Antoa, Abokyerewa and Anyanta kill if you claim Chairman Wontumi didn’t sleep with me — Afia Schwar curses Maurice Ampaw

Afia Schwarzenneger has taken her usual quarrels on social media to a different level after invoking curses on controversial social media lawyer, Maurice Ampaw over allegations of having sex intercourse with NPP’s Chairman Wontumi.

Earlier, Afia had allegedly said that she had sex with the New Patriotic Party Ashanti regional Chairman before, a claim which Maurice Ampah in a response described as a lie.

According to him, Wontumi respects himself and never slept with Afia. They were therefore suing her.

But Afia in a reaction on Tuesday decided to invoke curses on the two men instead of waiting for them to sue her.

In an Instagram video she shared on Tuesday she could be seen calling the name of some dieties to deal with Chairman Wontumi and Maurice Ampaw for lying against her.

“Maurice Ampaw, maybe you didn’t ask about me. So go and ask your boss Chairman Wontumi. Chairman Wontumi says Afia is not a woman to have an affair with. Nana Antoa Nyimaa, Nana Abokyerewa, Nana Anyanta, as for me, Maurice Ampaw’s boss says he has never slept with me. But I am disgracing him because he is god …. So if the man says he hasn’t slept with me and I, Moda, says that he has, Antoa should kill me.”

“And Maurice Ampaw, if you know nothing about the affair and have appointed yourself a linguist to disgrace me to the world. Antoa, Abokyerewa and Anyanta, you should kill Maurice Ampaw and use his descendants as a thanksgiving sacrifice. And anyone who will try to reverse this curse should be used for your pleasure,” Afia Schwarzenegger stated, while she pours Schnapps on the floor in addition to smashing eggs on the floor.

She also cursed the lawyer for alleging she slept with dogs.

“Maurice Ampaw says I slept with a dog. If I, Moda, slept with a dog, and I’m denying it, Antoa should kill me. But if I have not slept with a dog and Maurice Ampaw says I told him that I slept with a dog. Antoa, kill him from this world. Abokyerewa, kill him from this world. Use his children and descendants as thanksgiving sacrifices. Use the one who tries to overturn this curse for thanksgiving sacrifice. And use anyone who will sit on social media to comment on the issue as a thanksgiving sacrifice,” Afia indicated.

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