Flood in Italy Emilia Romagna : the CDM deliberates the state of emergency. 

ologna, 4 May 2023 – Tonight the Council of Ministers led by Giorgia Meloni sanctioned a state of emergency for Emilia Romagna following the floods that hit the region. The state of emergency   – lasts 12 months and allocates 10 million for “the most urgent interventions, in agreement with the Region and notwithstanding current legislation”.

Meanwhile, today was the day of pain for the two victims of  yesterday’s terrible wave of bad wearther (in Fontanelice and Castel Bolognese ), with floods and landslides in Emilia Romagna,  which mainly affected the provinces of Ravenna and Bologna. There are hundreds of displaced people .

The Prosecutor of Ravenna has opened an investigation into the death of Remo Bianconcini , 80, who was riding his bike when he was overwhelmed by the fury of the Senio water  in Castel Bolognese. According to the first reconstructions of the carabinieri, the pensioner was taking a road that had been advised against him and which had already been closed for precautionary reasons.

The amount of rain that fell in  Emilia Romagna in the last 36 hours is equal to a fifth of that which falls in an entire year – Coldiretti speaks of 20 water bombs in 24 hours -, with 15 rivers that for the first time in the region have exceeded the alarm level , most of them are tributaries of the Rhine.

Today was also the day of the damage count , defined as ” devastating ” by Legacoop Romagna.

Overall, the flooding situation has improved but critical issues remain, especially in the Ravenna area, in Bagnacavallo. Irene Priolo , vice president of Emilia-Romagna and councilor for civil protection, thus updated after the meeting with the mayors:  The Sillaro leak is being closed and we are carrying out five other construction sites, especially near the Quaderna which affected Molinella”. Possible landslides in the Apennines: “They are certainly evolving in the next few hours, we also have the problem of roads that are closed and interrupted”.

The work of the fire brigade , the army , the forces of order and many volunteers  continues without stopping .Due to the flooding of the technical rooms of the purification plant, the pumping system that guarantees the supply of water to the entire municipality of Conselice is currently out of service”. The mayor of the municipality of Ravenna, Paola Pula explains it. “Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to estimate the time to restore supply”, he adds

Due to the rise in the levels of some canals, the temporary closure to traffic – as a precaution – of the 16 “Adriatica” state road in Alfonsine and Lugo, in the province of Ravenna, was necessary.We loudly support President Bonaccini’s request to the Government to call for a state of emergency for disasters as soon as possible. Resources and support are needed immediately for municipalities and individuals. Emilia-Romagna will get back on its feet but we have to give it our all” , so Matteo Lepore, mayor of Bologna

The president of Emilia-Romagna Stefano Bonaccini in times of emergency does not want to be contradictory, he avoids questions he does not know or cannot answer. It happened this morning at

Faenza, in the town hall, where Bonaccini, after having recited the usual self-absolution script to protect himself from any criticism, prevented me from speaking to ask him a few simple questions and stormed off to entertain the journalists at the press conference ». So in a note the parliamentarian Jacopo Morrone, secretary of the Romagna League.

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