Quarrel ends in blood Aggression in Viale Gramsci, a man wounded in a bottle

Fear on Easter day near the usual local receptacle of drug dealers and thugs. The police arrest an African. The discussion had begun in the nearby XXII Aprile park. dispute that began in the XXII Aprile park and ended in blood, shortly after, in viale Gramsci where bloodstains remain on a flower bed and on the door of a car. 

It’s Easter experienced by a neighborhood that can’t free itself from degradation and that on Sundays – with the shops closed – is a land of thugs. An African man was left on the ground, hit with bottles, then transported to hospital while the police arrested the alleged attacker, also African, who ended up in handcuffs for voluntary injuries.

 The validation of the arrest will be held today in court while the wounded man is hospitalized in emergency medicine with a 20-day prognosis. A violent quarrel which, from the windows of the avenue, was witnessed by numerous people, the residents of the neighborhood gathered with relatives for Easter lunch, unfortunately by now accustomed to episodes of this kind.

“The dead could have escaped us, like in Novi Sad – Marcello Costantino of the Viale Gramsci and surrounding area intervenes – we have been saying this for years, our exhibits date back to 2015 but no one listens to us. The Municipality is thinking of urban redevelopment but social redevelopment is needed” , he says referring to the restyling underway between the nearby via del Mercato and via Canaletto. “It is clear that the institutions do not care about resolving the situation that in viale Gramsci revolves around the usual ethnic shop, a den of criminals – he adds – it is a drug dealing square that they do not want to eradicate. It is useless to redevelop parks, streets and buildings if the area is full of drug dealers.”

Easter’s attack, right next to the ethnic shop, could be traced back to disagreements between drug dealers. “You can’t walk in XXII Aprile park, after a certain time you are sent away even in a bad way by these people, the benches are occupied by people who sleep and camp out. In the other ethnic shop, the second one on the avenue, they sell alcohol at all hours, it’s a ‘drunkard'”.

 The complaints of the residents are no longer counted: “I myself closed the experience of ‘Neighborhood Watch’, I was its contact person but I don’t feel like going on anymore because it’s wasted time, our reports always fell on deaf ears – Costantino continues – Now the Municipality blames what happens on the Meloni government, but I remember that these things have been going on since 2015…

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