Ravenna, water pipe failure: Classe and Ponte Nuovo dry for hours

The breakup occurred in via Marabina. From Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon inconvenience for families and activities. Hera sends two tankers.

Ravenna, 16 April 2023 – Families and activities without water  for several hours from yesterday evening to today’s afternoon between Classe, Ponte Nuovo and nearby towns. At the origin of the problem, as explained by Hera , a fault in a water pipe in via Marabina . To allow the repair work to be carried out, the supply was suspended.

The intervention, with the replacement of a 6-metre long pipe, was completed shortly after 1 pm today with the consequent restart of the water supply which returned everywhere around 3.30 pm.

In the meantime, around 11.30 today, two tankers had been activated : one in Ponte Nuovo, near via del Pino and the other in Classe, in the parking lot in front of the Classis museum.

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