Bus in Cesena, four thousand trips missed in 2023

Cesena, 23 April 2023 – Recruitment and investment plans, establishment of new professional figures and an annual technical commission to monitor the correct professional classification of maintenance personnel , investments in training and constant professional updating of operators, salary harmonization with the introduction of a new unified indemnity and extension to all Start Romagna workers of the intervention indemnity for roadside assistance. These are the main points of the agreement reached with the Start Romagna workshops of Forlì, Cesena, Ravenna and Riminiand announced in these hours by Filt CGIL, which then relaunched, also putting on the table a second signed agreement, concerning the recovery of previous allowances for male and female workers also present in the document which directly concerns the drivers.

At the end of a long negotiation, conducted both at regional and territorial level, Filt CGIL has therefore communicated the signing of two agreements with Start Romagna obtained, as the union points out, also thanks to the fundamental commitment of delegated workers. In this regard, the provincial secretary Luigi Montesanoexpressed great satisfaction: “We recognize the great difficulties of the moment in local public transport and in Start Romagna – is his analysis – and for these reasons we believe that an excellent result has been achieved. many other topics that we are discussing and which we hope can be concluded positively as soon as possible.The serious shortage of personnel is in fact making the working life of all Start employees very difficult.Another important topic on the table concerns, for example, new hires :in the agreement signed for the workshops, there is the first result that goes in the right direction, but which is still not enough: an agreement must be completed for all the new hires and above all for the drivers who are the vast majority”.

The theme is in fact very topical, as demonstrated by the inconveniences that users often have to endure precisely in relation to the lack of personnel, which affects the frequency of rides.

During the strike organized during the week by Uil Trasporti, Unione Sindacale di Base and Ugl Autoferro, in fact, a figure was cited that speaks for itself: from the beginning of the year until today, in the Cesena area alone, around 4,000 journeys would have been skipped , causing undeniable inconvenience, especially during the most critical time slots, such as those involving school transport. Numbers aside, the parents of the pupils involved in disservices have also repeatedly asked for answers.

The question was submitted to the territorial policy tables, with the request that the institutions guarantee compliance with the commitments made with the users, also through the application of the necessary sanctions provided for in cases where the trips are not carried out. In any case, it is right to remember that in recent days Start Romagna has published tenders concerning job offers precisely to increase the number of drivers in its workforce.

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