25 April 2023 in Bologna, mayor and government in the square: “Beware of new fascisms”

Minister Bernini, Deputy Minister Bignami and former Prime Minister Prodi also attended the ceremony in Piazza del Nettuno

Bologna, 25 April – “It is important to be here together . Memory is our pride and we defend it in the face of a veil of revisionism and hypocrisy. Today’s anti-fascism must fight the new fascisms”. Mayor Matteo Lepore in Piazza del Nettuno to celebrate APRIL 25 also refers to the latest controversies on the Liberation , recalling the importance of the word anti-fascism , stinging the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa who had said that “anti-fascism is not in the Constitution “. And again: “Yesterday’s anti-fascism should also look at the new fascisms of today”, added Lepore, listing the re-emergence of racism, of the “violence perpetrated against migrants”, of political choices similar to those of the Hungarian president Orban in terms of birth rate. “The new fascisms feed on this – added Lepore – of hatred, patriarchy and oppression “.

he governor of Emilia Romagna and president of the Democratic Party, Stefano Bonaccini, increases the dose : “April 25 is the feast of all Italians. It is not a question of the word anti-fascist in the Constitution. Our Constitution is anti-fascist”.

In a crowded square, the president of the Anpi Anna Cocchi , the minister of the University, the blue Anna Maria Bernini and the deputy minister of Transport, Galeazzo Bignami of Fratelli d’Italia and the former premier Romano Prodi together with Giovanni Maria Flick , president emeritus of the Constitutional Court.

“President Meloni’s opening? It’s never too late to repent – commented the president Anpi Cocchi – “When one repents, repentance is accepted. word anti-fascism” and Meloni must “recognize that our Constitution is anti-fascist”.

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